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Sport can be and so often is, a cruel game.

The Super League edges ever closer to the fantastic Grand Final, with semi-finals taking place next week. 

It seems Liverpool and Manchester United fans have recently discovered a common interest. A penchant for discussing history as if it has any relevance today.

History is, by its very definition, gone. But can history repeat itself?

September 27th: The History

The weekend starts right here so make sure you're in the know of all the sporting action kicking off...


Ryder Cup - SkySports4 - 07:00


Champions League T20

Barbados Tridents v Cape Cobras - EuroSport - 11:00

Did you see what happened in the Capital One Cup last night? We get it, there’s nothing better than watching your team live from the stands and even more so when your team is smashing its opponents 7-0. So we totally understand why some fans just can’t contain themselves when they see their favourite player and feel the need to run out to grab their attention.

Let’s face it; everyone was surprised by Leicester City beating Manchester United last weekend.

When it comes to professing their emotions Manchester United fans don’t hold back. Nope they go all out on a plane with a banner attached to it. They do it so often we’ve been wondering if they get discounts.

Alistair Cook Says On As Captain

So… it was confirmed yesterday that Alastair Cook will remain as captain for England for the Sri Lanka tour and World Cup next year. Anyone surprised? We certainly were! After the terrible results produced this summer we’re pretty sure that even Cook may have been a little bit shocked.

With the weekend just 1 day away, here’s some sporting action you can get involved in to get you started…


Champions League T20

Chennai Super Kings v Lahore Lions – EuroSport – 15:00


Spanish La Liga

The Ryder Cup starts in just a two day's time (yep, we can't wait either), but there seems to be a little trouble-a-brewing in the Europe camp...


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